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Dream theater
11-15-2007, 09:53 PM
So today I took my twin 11 1/2 mos. old boys to the local Target to get a couple things. Upon walking in, I am greeted by a "40ish" woman. She asks if they are twins. So I politely say yes. She then proceeds to ask..................Were they born on the same day???? So I go with it and say.........No........and............she says "How far apart are they?????????

So we are now walking in the toy section, and another woman says "oh, they are so cute". Where is their mother. I politely say I am a stay at home dad. Shocked, she says....so you do not work?? That is wrong. They should be with their mother. I reply, Why yes I do work, I happen to own my own business. She says, "while taking care of the boys??" So I say, well my hoes basically do the work. I just collect the $$$$$$$$$$. I then walk away

Now onto the next rocket scientist. We are waiting in line & my one of boys decides to start pitching a fit in the double stroller (side by side). His brother is laughing at him. Meanwhile, a "hot girl" behind me asks "Why is he crying". So I have already had it with people by this time & say " I took away is Playstation 3 and he is angry". Her comeback......what games does he play???????????? So I say, the more violent the better. The look from her was priceless.

11-15-2007, 10:21 PM

Can you please come to the Dadstock at my house? I can't believe your lines and need to hear more so I can remember them when I get those stupid comments.

My twins are 16 months and they look nothing alike but I get people that just think they are identical, it makes no sense. "ARe they identical?" Um, do you need glasses? WTF....I mean they look completely different.

I'm glad they are older now, because I get the comments a lot less. We went on a cruise when they were 7 months old and all the old people wanted to touch them. They would just do it...without even asking.....

Makes my blood boil....

So please, as a father of twins to another father of twins COME TO MY HOUSE ON THE 19th of Jan!!! PLEASE!!

Dream theater
11-15-2007, 10:27 PM
LOL. Been there on the touching and the being identical (mine are fraternal as well.). Anyway, depending upon my mood, if the people go to touch them, I say, I would not do that. I think their lepracy is contagious.

On the looking alike. After being asked if they are identical, and I reply, no they aren't. If I get the "Are you sure" reply. I say, pretty sure, but you may want to check with their mothers.

BTW< I am checking to see if that date is available. My in-laws are coming up from Florida sometime in january. I should have a better handle in the next week. IF I can, i would love to. Thanks for the invite!