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Kwak 04-07-2021 09:42 PM

New Bike Day for wife
My wife just upgraded from a 2017 Trek FX2 (hybrid with flat bars) to a new Specialized Diverge E5 (gravel/road bike with drop bars.) She tried the Diverge Base Carbon (which is lighter and has better components) but the one she rode was sold and they are apparently out of stock until 2023. Funny how she was willing to drop $3K when she gave me grief over my $800 Trek Marlin 7 - and I ride MUCH more than she does. In the end, the E5 cost $1300.

She seems happy with it, but she only took it around the block and has yet to learn how to shift - and we have some significant hills in our area. She had also complained about how her hybrid didn't ride well on the loose gravel on our local trail but the 700c x 38mm tires on this aren't much better IMO. I'm wondering if it will inspire her to ride more.

BTW, I took it for a spin up and down the street, just to get an impression of how it would ride. Granted, I'm bigger than she is so it wasn't close to being ideal with regards to fit but I'd considered this model before settling on a cross country hardtail mountain bike and I'm not regretting my decision. I do NOT like drop bars and even the pavement here is so crappy that you need some sort of shock absorption.

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