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GBDad 06-01-2019 02:30 PM

Lightning Crashes by Live

Thunderstorms all night. More on the way.

irie feeling 06-03-2019 08:04 PM

By The Way
Red Hot Chili Peppers

TwoCubs 06-10-2019 11:13 AM



irie feeling 06-10-2019 11:47 AM

I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Panic at the Disco

Throughout the song, "Haven't you people heard of shutting the G. Damn door?"

irie feeling 06-13-2019 04:16 PM

Laura Branigan

irie feeling 06-14-2019 05:50 PM

Jump around
House of Pain

Vanilla Ice did it too!

Mark B. 06-14-2019 09:50 PM

How can you not crank up Jump Around?! Love that song.

irie feeling 06-17-2019 04:24 PM

Long shot
Catfish and The Bottlemen

irie feeling 06-19-2019 08:51 PM

Beastie boys

Mark B. 06-20-2019 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by irie feeling (Post 300353)
beastie boys

mmmmmmmm drop!

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