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irie feeling 09-10-2015 12:23 AM

Best popcorn-EVER!
Make yoself a bag of microwave popcorn, put it in a bowl
Add a good amount of garlic powde. Shake it on good, nah.
Add some dried parsley, but not too much.
Add a bunch of that Parmesan cheese that you shake from the grated Parmesan plastic container you keep on the fridge. Shake it on good, a good handful.
Put on a ton Of butter
Stir that sh*t up and sprinkle on more Parmesan , and more powdered garlic to yore liking.
Lawdy lawdy, if it ain't the best popcorn you will ever have!

tt3 09-10-2015 01:30 AM

Hmm, parsley.
Our favorite so far is bacon grease popped with cracked pepper and salt. Parm added is fun, too.

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