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tt3 11-28-2016 08:47 PM

Instant pot recipes
Spicy pulled chicken

2-3lbs chicken breast
1 16oz jar pepperoncini peppers
1 med-large onion sliced
1 pkg taco seasoning or 2-3tbsp home made

trim fat and put breasts in pot

drain jar into pot, stem and slice peppers. I like to discard as many of the seeds as possible. They kind of pull out with the stem if you squeeze just right. lol

add onion and seasoning

close and push poultry

after cooking is done, release pressure and fork shred the chicken. Serve on taco shells, lettuce, whatever.

tt3 11-28-2016 08:50 PM

Beef stew:

We've used different cuts, added or removed veggies, just plain oil or olive oil. The sky is the limit with beef stew.

tt3 11-28-2016 08:54 PM

Pork carnitas:

Changes! Once the meat is coated, turn the pot on saute and sear the meat. Once it's all seared, continue with adding the rest. We usually halve the garlic.

Cook only for 35minutes or so, release the pressure and fork shred the chunks. Turn back on saute to thicken it up a bit.

tt3 11-28-2016 09:00 PM

We also quick roasted our pie pumpkins, made easy work of it. After the pumpkin halves are soft we run it through the food processor or immersion blender, bag and freeze.

Don-Dad 11-29-2016 12:16 AM

Thanks! I cooked a chuck roast with potatoes today. Took about 90 minutes and was better than all day in the crock pot.

tt3 11-29-2016 02:11 AM

That's what I've been saying! :D
(Clean up is easier too)

gduck 11-30-2016 01:12 PM


Originally Posted by Don-Dad (Post 291109)
Thanks! I cooked a chuck roast with potatoes today. Took about 90 minutes and was better than all day in the crock pot.

Yeah, it does wonders with pot roasts. Stews only take about 30 minutes and come out as tender as anything I used to cook all day in the crock pot.

The other day used the leftover turkey and bones to make stock for a turkey noodle soup.

And thanks for posting those recipes TT, the pork carnitas look awesome.

Electriclime 04-21-2017 01:20 AM

Good to know. I've been thinking of picking up an Instapot.

tt3 04-21-2017 03:07 AM

We just used it again yesterday, left over ham, package of 15 bean, veggies and seasoning... soup! We used on Easter. Love our instant pot.

Captain Tuttle 04-21-2017 08:07 PM

We have one, they are excellent

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