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TwoCubs 02-15-2017 12:34 PM

2017 Weight Loss
I just thought we needed a new thread for a fresh start this year.

Kwak 02-15-2017 02:34 PM

Good call. I need to get motivated. With V days and birthdays abound this time of year I've had setbacks.

gduck 02-15-2017 02:35 PM

Around the start of the year we got a fancy scale that sends results to my phone over bluetooth. Kind of interesting to see a graph of how my weight varies day to day. I'm on the border line of what I should be - I think not playing hockey this year is responsible for that. They have been keeping up with using my step machine so I think the next stop is to pay a little better attention to what I eat.

I tried using one of those calorie trackers before, but always after a week or so I got lazy about putting in what I ate because it always took a few minutes of clicking around to get it all in there.

irie feeling 02-15-2017 08:16 PM

Weekly weigh in.
Put it here?
Put it + or -for the week/ month/ year

Don-Dad 02-16-2017 04:50 AM

I'm on a weight loss journey. About 20 lbs over what I weighed through most of my SAHD career. Back injury last year and crappy eating habits at my last job were the culprit.

My new GI doc was a bit of a cornhole, said I was 3 or 4 lb from being morbidly obese. I was like, WTF, I have a bit of a belly.

I'd like to drop 30lb's this year. That would put me near my college graduation weight.

irie feeling 02-16-2017 09:17 PM

5ft 8 162.6 lbs, looking to maintain. And keep my heart healthy. My anti- convulsants are resulting in loss of appetite and weight loss.
Epilepsy be damned!

Kwak 05-14-2017 12:19 PM

I've been trying to curb my sugar intake and walk 3-4 miles at least 3x a week. Yesterday I was down to 201. FWIW I'm 5'10".

757dad 06-02-2017 12:40 PM

Not really weight loss story here but Wife and I have joined a Cross Fit gym. I am an avid runner and would continue to be but I had enough of paying different places for the wife to go workout. She is not really a self motivated workout person and thrives best in a 1 on 1 / personal training type setting where she can't cancel. So I am driving 30 minutes at lunch time to meet here and workout at a gym that is literally right next door to her office. Not super convenient for me but if it helps her them I am on board. Also nice to spend a little extra time with the wife where there are no cell phones.

jonnydaddy 06-02-2017 01:56 PM

Hoping to get some motivation in this forum, have been struggling with losing weight and keeping fit since we had our daughter 2 years ago

irie feeling 06-02-2017 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by jonnydaddy (Post 293538)
Hoping to get some motivation in this forum, have been struggling with losing weight and keeping fit since we had our daughter 2 years ago

Tough age.
Now that it's warming up, some daily brisk strollering?
Laugh away, but drinking a gallon (3 liters) of water a day has done wonders for me. May only get 3 pints some days but turns out I'm not so hungry.

pedrocampos 07-29-2017 08:49 AM


Originally Posted by jonnydaddy (Post 293538)
Hoping to get some motivation in this forum, have been struggling with losing weight and keeping fit since we had our daughter 2 years ago

Staying fit is all about mindset man, if you define a goal it is easier for you to not get lost. In regards to nutrition, there is an awesome app called "My fitness Pal", that will help you keep track of calories and your progress and you can work out anywhere you want, don`t even need to go to a gym.

Kwak 10-12-2017 01:21 PM

This has become a zombie thread and my weight loss has been ping pong. I admit, calorie counting was getting tiresome and I wasnít feeling better otherwise. The changes certainly werenít being seen in my energy levels or waistline, so this week Iím dipping my toe in the Paleo diet pool. So far Iíve cut out buns on burgers and chicken breast - opting instead for wrapping the protein with green leaf lettuce and a big slice of tomatoes. No ketchup but Iíve allowed myself mayo. No french fries or potato chips and no ice cream bars either. Iím not eating completely healthy though. So far snacks include Nutella and pretzel sticks and little Dove chocolates (dark chocolate with almond) but I also have grapes and strawberries to distract myself with.

For exercise, Iím sticking with a 3 mile 1 Hour Walk, where I listen to podcasts on my phone for motivation.

So far, here are the numbers over the past week. Iím down from 205 to 201 yesterday and 200.4 this morning. Iím going to refrain on celebrating though. These are numbers only - though Iím looking forward to seeing that ď2__Ē go away and only briefly see ď19_Ē and ď18_Ē before getting to someplace where my pants and wedding ring fit again.

Until then, I still have the roll in the middle and I still wake up feeling tired with sore feet. I need to sleep better, so I have more adjustments to make.

tt3 10-12-2017 01:58 PM

Big thing to help energy is cut sugar out, at least for me. Good luck, man!

Kwak 10-12-2017 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by tt3 (Post 294701)
Big thing to help energy is cut sugar out, at least for me. Good luck, man!

I agree, but not all sugar - and certainly some sugar substitutes are just as bad. The first thing I cut out was diet soda. Next was ice cream. Nutella, then cereal is going to have to go away but the dark chocolate supposedly has health benefits - so long as I enjoy it in moderation. The fruits are a no-brainer, though I'm told that grapes and raisins are not the best fruit to choose. Bananas may be making a comeback, though I'm thinking yogurt parfaits might be a better choice.

tt3 10-12-2017 02:53 PM

Right, I should have said refined sugar and things that have it. Blueberries are awesome. There's a ton of info, it's just tough sorting through the noise to find the signal. ;)

TwoCubs 10-13-2017 01:19 PM

I have found that exogenous ketones help during the first few weeks with energy levels. They taste disgusting but keep me from losing steam by noon on the initial keto induction. The extra salts seem to keep the "keto-flu" from being too severe.

Kwak 10-13-2017 02:10 PM

This morningís report: 199.4 pounds before the ďmorning constitutional.Ē Without getting overly detailed, I can happily report that creation of dairy has brought about the return of regularity!

Supper last night OTOH was at 8pm and I was bad: lemon chicken lean cuisine. Blech! Breakfast was two hard boiled eggs and 2 cups Of warm green tea sweetened with honey and lemon.

Now Iím on my morning walk. Iím hoping to keep this trend going.

Kwak 10-31-2017 10:41 AM

I had a little bit of a regression but today was the second day below 199; 197 actually. Cutting back on sugar and dairy has not only helped but I feel better too.

irie feeling 11-21-2017 01:38 PM

Modified Atkins Diet for me. Doctor supervised. Blood work, monthly (cholesterol-vitamins minerals) and bp. And weight.
It's a Johns Hopkins diet that may cause weight loss but is intended to decrease seizures, by eliminating carbs and sugars, and causing the body to burn fats and protein. I have a menu, shopping list, snack list, no-no list.
So fats are strongly encouraged, protein second, and no carbs. Start at 30 mg a day and work it down to 10g a day over time.
Heavy cream and butter is in almost every recipe, but I am lactose intolerant, milk makes me sick and and miserable. I use margarine.
This Ketosis the nurse wants is going slower due to the milk thing.
I cook everything in lots of oil, eggs deep frying, eating fatty fish, one steak a week, a avocados, lots of mayonaiise and ranch dressing and oil and lemon juice on salad. And wait for it.... All the pork rinds I can eat!
I'm down 3 lbs, still taking a mild daily laxative because of all the pills I take and the diet is constipative too.

tt3 11-21-2017 06:09 PM

Be careful of ranch, hidden sugars in a lot of them, tho I'm sure you know that. Mayo was a magic bullet for me, egg salad or tuna salad filled me up and boosted the loss.
Good luck

irie feeling 12-28-2017 05:22 PM

Still teetering around 160 pounds, but I dropped to a 32 inch waist! Pants been getting extra roomy and it was time for new ones. What a shocker. Dropped 4 inches!
Got a wedding in a few weeks to go to. Sure enough I tried on my suit pants and I'm thinking I got to take them in at the waist some how or buy a new suit.

irie feeling 01-10-2018 05:53 PM

I did it!
Guess who's Keto?
This guy!
Took a while, being lactose intolerant and all.
I'm on the dark side of the Keto stick now!

TwoCubs 01-13-2018 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by irie feeling (Post 295566)
I did it!
Guess who's Keto?
This guy!
Took a while, being lactose intolerant and all.
I'm on the dark side of the Keto stick now!

What did you eat to get there? How long did it take?

irie feeling 01-14-2018 02:56 AM

[QUOTE=irie feeling;295600]2 strips if bacon at every breakfast. Used the fat to cook my eggs in.
Low carb burrito tortilla wrap turkey/ham/romaine lettuce/avocado/much Mayonaisse every lunch (but would sometimes switch it up and omit the. Burrito tortilla and use lettuce as the wrap)
Fatty meat (4 oz) and a green vegetable or cauliflower ( faux rice or faux mash potatoes) smothered in butter.
All the pork rinds I can eat.
A hand full of macadamia nuts a day
Occasionally made "fat bombs" found on Internet.
Used recipes in Keto cookbook recommended by nutritionist at Drs office.
Used Almond flour when frying. Fryed a lot.
Fatty fish, tuna steaks, salmon, Mahi.
No bread
No chips
No starches
Found Keto pizza made with almond flour dough and deep dish made with veggie cream cheese.
Ate portabella pizza when family had pizza night.
Had brats and sauerkraut
Had salad with oil and vinegar I made( lots of oil).
Sometimes I ate half a stick of butter just for the hell of it.
Kept the fat to carb 4:1 ( I got a book and learned how to read labels)
I got "Keto Styx" from the pharmacy and checked my pee every 4 days took me 6 weeks.:icon_biggrin:

TwoCubs 02-07-2018 02:31 PM

I got a little pink on the Keto stick yesterday morning, so just barely in ketosis.

On another note, I had ghee for the first time with some dill on flounder a couple nights ago, and it was delicious.

irie feeling 02-13-2018 03:36 PM

Good for you, Two cubs!
I went back the other way on the sticks. Nutritionist not happy. Gave me a MCT supplement. To put me back in ketosis. Cost too much to buy. $200 by prescription only. She mentioned MCT oil if I could tolerate it (can buy at stores) and to switch all cooking to coconut oil and use butter to slather meat and veggies when cooked.
I switched to coconut oil. And bought some MCT and put it in my coffee. Don't dven taste it!
Are you familiar?
I ll check my ketones in a couple days.

irie feeling 02-15-2018 12:53 PM

Forgot to ask you Two cubs, how do you feel? What's your body telling you?
Are you doing this by choice?

TwoCubs 02-23-2018 12:32 PM

By choice. My body is telling me that I ache too much and am fat. So, there.

Kwak 02-23-2018 01:03 PM

I hear you TwoCubs. I don't consider myself to be obese but aches and pains and bloating after compulsively snacking on crap and a gut that won't go away are enough for me to go Paleo - or at least give up sugar (chocolate) and alcohol. Day 2 and a quality BM (hey I'm old, it's important to me) and I'm already down a couple of pounds (back under 200.) The aches and pains are starting to subside and my pants feel looser.

So what am I going to eat today?

Breakfast: coffee and and ham/cheese/onion/scallion/tomato omelet (just like I've been eating but with less cheese.

Snack: blueberries

Lunch: grilled chicken breast marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, pickle juice (heard that that's what Chick Fil A does) with some paprika and garlic powder on a wrap of green leaf lettuce with a slice of tomato, red onion and a couple of pickle chips and topped with an indulgence of mustard. It's all about the greens and proteins for me now.

Snack: an apple and some cinnamon/honey roasted almonds (which I know are baaaad)

Dinner: hamburger patty with a side of asparagus done up with the same fixings as the chicken break minus the mustard. I'm not Canadian. I'll be looking for the A-1, which is also baaaaaad.

I also need to remember to drink a LOT of water and take my Omega III supplements.

irie feeling 02-24-2018 01:44 PM

Sounds like you doing good!
Cheese ok. Low carb. (Unused carbs turn to body fat).
Everything you're eating on the list is good.
I do my 2 cups of real coffee and start my first pint of water at 11am and try to do a gallon by 9 pm.
A glass of diet soda counts. Just one.
Miralax or equivalent. My nutritionist says DAILY. (You can back off a day if its way too much for the colon)
Constipation and pushing can cause hernias.
Good for you both
Guess what!
A month seizure free!
It's the no carb diet and the implant. Neither one is a cure, but together, they kick E's butt.

irie feeling 02-24-2018 05:31 PM

So the Keto diet, on an international scale is gaining strength, especially with athletes. In restaurants in Europe are getting used to customers asking for a burger with lettuce only, no bun.
Kudos to you 2cubs.
You finding resources online? My favs are Keto connect and Keto caveman.
I love me some Fat Head Pizza! Having it tonight (just me if course).
Hate the Keto sticks. Seems like I it's a yo-yo.

irie feeling 03-06-2018 02:35 AM

Went to a restaurant chain named Houlahans, and they had a page full of gluten free dishes and offers many low carb/Keto dishes. I was in Keto heaven.

irie feeling 03-18-2018 12:02 PM

Fathead Pizza- so yummy!

Kwak 03-20-2018 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by irie feeling (Post 295983)
Went to a restaurant chain named Houlahans, and they had a page full of gluten free dishes and offers many low carb/Keto dishes. I was in Keto heaven.

You'd be better off just staying home. Houlihans is $$ quality food with a $$$ price tag - solely because of the excessive Merikan sized portions.

I slipped up these past couple of weeks because we had cake for the kids' birthdays - and in our circle of friends and family it's a mixture of the entitlement of "let them eat cake" and "go big or go home" - and there were TWO full size cakes in our downstairs refrigerator.

Meanwhile, my wife is dogmatically sticking with weight watchers and counting points. That seems like way too much work though. I'm perfectly fine with just living on boneless chicken breasts wrapped in green leaf lettuce with a slice of tomato and some pickles for flavor. having all this "low calorie" (but high sugar or artificially sweetened) stuff lying around is a temptation I don't need.

I admit I also fell off the "no beer" wagon and overindulged - causing me to gain a couple of pounds back and have that bad achy feeling I get after overindulging. I really need to see a dietician.

irie feeling 03-26-2018 12:25 PM

I hear ya kwak.
Pippa just had a birthday. Big cake. Not even a taste for me. Effin sucks the big one.
BUT- every week I make a dessert "fat bomb" just for me. Enuff to last all week.
Either homemade chocolate bars (one big sheet pan) or snickerdoodle
fat bombs. Nobody else can touch them, unless I give it away. Cause that's all I get, while you're eating ice cream and sh%&t.

Of course I have more inspiration. With the implant and the diet I'm seeing a hell of an improvement, and don't want to go backward.

GamerDadOfFour 04-10-2018 12:25 AM

We've had a recent uptick in social gatherings lately and I swear I've put on a good 10 pounds in that time. I really need to get on some sort of exercise schedule, but hate running on treadmills and it has been so damned cold.


Dad jokes to help pass the day.

gduck 04-10-2018 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by GamerDadOfFour (Post 296288)
We've had a recent uptick in social gatherings lately and I swear I've put on a good 10 pounds in that time. I really need to get on some sort of exercise schedule, but hate running on treadmills and it has been so damned cold.

Yeah, I need to figure out something. The stepper machine I had broke (second one i've killed, but that's what happens when you buy cheap junk). So I've been on the lookout for something decent used in the classifieds/Craigslist/second hand store.

I don't mind treadmills or exercise bikes, or any of that. I can't run out on the roads anymore. Years of cross country track were hard on my knees and now pounding that pavement just kills.

It's ironic, as the weather warms that's when I generally put on the pounds... hockey during the winter does a good job of keeping the pounds down.

irie feeling 04-11-2018 01:01 PM

Hey Gamerdadofour and Gduck try going Keto. Your body will love you. Eliminate carbs and burn fats for energy use protein to build and restore muscles like it was meant too.
You eat meats. Yum
Fry foods. Sautťed foods. Great stuff. Mmmm.
Put down the chips and the pie and the cookies and the cake. You can make it keto- there's recipes.
You won't get Diabetes down the road.
That whole "fatty foods=cholesterol" is true. You drop lesser quality oils standard cooking oil and go for higher quality.
The wifey can do it too.
Check out or or Ketocaveman and see how easy it is.
Research it as well.
Tonite it's bacon wrapped salmon slathered in butter, mashed cauliflower, and Mediterranean style spinach, oh my!
I dropped 30 pounds. All of it spare tire. Now I am at ideal recommended weight for body type and height.

tt3 04-15-2018 09:24 PM

An interesting side note of going low carb higher fat is you can fast, too. I've been doing one day a week, ~36hrs water and clear non-caloric liquids only. (Coffee, tea etc.) It's not as bad as you'd imagine! I'm fitting into clothes I hadn't been in for years!

GamerDadOfFour 04-16-2018 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by irie feeling (Post 296307)
Hey Gamerdadofour and Gduck try going Keto.

I've considered it, but the quirk with keto is you have to be able to keep your carb intake too low too consistently. Doing that would annoy the crap out of the rest of the family and I'm not making a separate dinner for just myself every night to make that work.


Dad jokes to help pass the day.

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