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WackaWacka 08-12-2017 10:47 PM

20 month old seems to prefer working parent??
Hey, was wondering if you guys could give me a little advice about your experience with your kids and the working parent. For the most part when I am with my son alone during the day, everything is great. However, as soon as my wife stepped through the door, she definitely seems to be the preferred one. This extends through the weekend, where he prefers to have her do the reading, cries if she leaves the room; generally wants to be around her all the time.

This obviously makes a lot of sense, since he does not see her as much as he sees me, it is special to be able to spend time with her, and he therefore wants more of it when she is around. Was wondering what your experiences were with this. It can sometimes be a bit grating to be the less preferred parent.

Thanks for your advice, look forward to hearing your experiences. Thanks again

Captain Tuttle 08-12-2017 11:03 PM

You're lucky, it's worse when the Mom works all day and the kid prefers the Dad. Embrace it, it means more to your wife than you know.

TwoCubs 08-13-2017 11:25 AM

It happened with mine, as well. Tuttle's right. This way mom is happy, and everyone knows that "if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy".

gduck 08-13-2017 02:01 PM

My oldest was like that. He was fine with me until mom was home, and at that point I might as well have not existed. I will say it made it easier for me to make dinner (I've always been the one who cooked, even before kids when we both worked full time), and also to have a few moments to myself before the inevitable feeding and bedtime routine began.

Now that he's seven he's a lot less like that, but at the end of the day he still prefers his mom.

Kwak 08-13-2017 02:38 PM

Oh, definitely. When my wife leaves Joey complains for a weekend Joey getscsad and says he misses her. Even Justin will gravitate toward mom and ask where she is when I visit. The problem is that mommy has less time for daddy then.

757dad 08-15-2017 02:53 AM

Both girls are the same here. As soon as Mom is home I might as well not exist. Good for mom though, she needs it.

irie feeling 08-15-2017 01:43 PM

Same as others here. Mommas girl as soon as she walks in.

tt3 08-15-2017 01:45 PM

My 7yo still climbs into her lap when she gets home. It's normal in this house, too. My oldest started noticing my presence again when my wife was around as she crept into her teens. ;)

GBDad 08-21-2017 10:31 PM

This happened with my daughter (5) early on until she was about 2 and a half. Have a 2 year old son, who, absolutely, if mom is home he is a needy momma's boy. Actually, he's 19 months, so same age as yours.

Since age 2.5, my daughter has gone 180. Complete daddy's girl, all the time. Much to the chagrin of my wife. I'd assume eventually as she gets older and needs to talk about "girl stuff" mom will come back into favor, if not sooner.

Jury is out on our boy. He might be a momma's boy for life. We'll see.'s cyclical. I have a friend (Not a SAHD - but a teacher and home in the summer) who has an only child daughter who is 7. He says that it goes in stretches. Sometimes she prefers him. Sometimes his wife. Who knows what goes through a kid's undeveloped mind. "I like mom better because dad wouldn't let me watch TV when I wanted. Mom gave me a popsicle." "I like dad because he got apples at the store. I like apples. Mom brought home broccoli." Or yes, "I miss mom! Why does she leave me every day. Dad isn't going anywhere."

When my daughter would run to mom when she came home (and go as far as telling me to leave whatever room they were in) I took advantage of it for some me time. Worked on my bikes, watched some SportsCenter, etc.

Wouldn't sweat it!

WackaWacka 08-28-2017 11:55 PM

Thanks for all the advice
Hey guys, thanks for all the good advice and experience.

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