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Don-Dad 09-29-2004 02:45 PM

Code Adam courtesy Jeffus
Do you guys know about "Code Adam"?

You might see a sticker in the door going into a WalMart or similar store but the concept is: If you lose your kid in a store, grab the nearest 'associate', and annouce a "code adam".

They will immediately lock all the doors, call the police, and conduct a thorough search for your child until he/her is found.

Unfortunately, this is based on John Walsh's (from America's Most Wanted) experience when his son, Adam, was kidnapped and killed. His tireless efforts have persuaded most retail stores to enact this very helpful practice.

You're going to know within a few minutes if your kid is missing. Those minutes are usually spent grabbing a kid, running to a bathroom, shaving their heads, changing their clothes, and trying to get out of the store. A Code Adam may just save your day!

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