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Sitting the bench here as a breather after just volunteering in 3rd grade classroom. Ahhhhh, quiet. I was trying to help the kids who are behind on what they call "math timings", basically just learning multiplication tables. I swear, I really don't know how teachers do it. The effing games some kids play, little rascals. Course I was working with some of the harder kids today. 4 kids and 2 hours and I've had it. Back for more fun tomorrow with kindergarteners. There's a lot of cool moments too though, still worth it.

It was interesting to listen in to the substitute teacher as I did this. Made me appreciate our usual teacher. The substitute just had a patronizing tone that bugged me. Probably because it's so hard to take control out of nowhere like that, you get a little defensive maybe. Subbing isn't just babysitting anymore, they have a whole lesson plan, and go at it, I'll give her that.
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