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Originally Posted by Cubfan View Post
Funny you should say that to him Stretchy. I already gave him an idea months ago, he knows it's brilliant too. Get planting Woodrow!

The downside of growing hops is it takes two or three years to get a healthy root structure to support several bines to produce a noticeable amount. There is also a mold or mildew or some such that attacks them as well as aphids but those are controllable. I'm not nay sayin' I'm just sayin'.
If this were the stool in the pub that I can't see, I'd tell you about the great trip with the 3yo to the nature center and walking trails for two hours, then I'd tell you about the meltdown that has been going on since 1:50
(Its 2:50 now)
yeah, but its not the pub, so I won't mention it.
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