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Originally Posted by Damian Crowley View Post

WHAT did you just call me ?! :O

SHUT UP! i am NOT A MANNNY! also why cant i have a BFF, what am i just some dolt wifey and you call on to watch the kids whilst you go out and have some fun and im stuck watching dora and little einsteins, till i go nuttier than richard simmions!?! you are a mean mean man! :(
What? You mean it isn't a term of endearment???

What if it is meant as Handy Manny? Would that make it better? Or what about Manny as in Mannywood which loosely translates to "he who takes women's fertility drugs" wait, that makes is worse.

All in jest good sir.

Your last response to Plymouth made me search desperately for The Man Show clip for husbandly duties. That's the one where you can hire a gay guy to stand in to sit through romantic movies and cuddle and listen to her talk incessantly. Couldn't find it, but for some reason it doesn't make it any less funny to me.
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