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Winging it for the weekend sometimes works. :-) After teaching yesterday morning my son and I went for a 2 hour bike ride (no dog this time, so I could actually get it in the 21st speed and prevent from wiping out as I did the other day with her along). When we got back the wife said that was a mother's day present in itself -- to have that time alone in the house. Damn, I could have saved myself $160.00 from buying her the gold and diamond "mom" pendant if I'd known that.

Friends from out of town who we haven't seen before Christmas came into the city and took us out for dinner. So that was a nice treat to be with "other" adults for a change.

Lazed around this morning in the veranda/sun room, made brunch for the Mrs. and hopefully will get out on the bike again this afternoon, since it's nice.

So far, a relaxing weekend!
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