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Default Acoustic guitar building

As I'd relayed in a previous thread I have a friend who lives nearby who is a photographer by trade but has also started building acoustic guitars and fell into a great deal on many of the tools and materials needed to build a couple dozen guitars. I've been over to his workshop a few times and have seen others online who've shared their newfound passion in guitar building and I got a little inspired myself. I told my friend John as much and he (knowing that I'm a shutin who's going slowly mad) offered me the use of his shop and tools and even set me up with some of the materials needed.

Well, it looks like the ball is officially rolling on this. Last week I ordered plans for a type of guitar I could never afford outright and tonight he and I sifted through his materials and decided on a set of South American Mahogany for the back and sides of my proposed guitar build and western red cedar for the top.

My wife thinks I'm nuts but has long known that I love playing and discussing guitars online. She says I already have too many hobbies but the way I look at it I'm taking my time and putting effort toward building something that I'd enjoy and would cost a LOT of money otherwise. It's not exactly like I spend all my time playing video games after all.
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