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Thanks, guys. I figured that you all would know the challenges in scheduling that a project like this would present. As it stands now, the only time I truly have to myself is in the evenings. That's because we still have our hands full putting the boys to sleep and usually it's about 9:00 before we can flop down and sigh. This will change things - which is part of why I'm doing this project. I'm tired on not getting to go out before everything closes for the evening. I want to see about sneaking out one night a week (ideally Tuesdays) immediately after supper and putting in a good 4 hours a week. I don't know how realistic that is, but my friend John has said it'd be OK with him if I need a year or two.

I also want to see if I might be able to do some stuff at my own place, ideally something that only requires hand tools like chiseling out braces or shaping the neck with a rasp.
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