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It's officially underway. Last week I picked out the boards and last night we joined the bookmatched mahogany boards for the back. I'm getting a little more comfortable working with the plane table but I'm still not adequately confident in my abilities so I had my friend "check my work."

Last week we glued together a some MDF to make the molds and last night I finally traced the outline of the guitar shape on them. Next week we cut them out and I'll have a form to use in the bender as well as a framework in which to place the sides once they're bent.

Next up is to trace the shape for the sides and cut the ribs (long boards used for the sides) so that we're ready to bend. The back of the guitar is not a straight line; it gets deeper as you move down the length of the body until it's about 4.75" deep at the end pin.

Meanwhile I'm still thinking up the look of the guitar. I have the cedar and mahogany picked out but I want to use rosewood for the trim and heel wedge. I haven't decided what kind of rosette to do but I think I'm going to do some sort of wood inlay as opposed to abalone which is pricey.
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