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Originally Posted by Will'sdad View Post
Cool! You taking pictures?
Not many yet, but here are a couple:

This is me hunching over the blueprints and the woods I just selected. The boards on the bottom right are cedar, the rest are mahogany.

Next is a photo taken last night of the joined back.

The process is pretty simple: just use a plane to make the adjoining edges completely flat. After each pass through a planing table press the two board together and hold them up to the light. If there's no light there's no gap and they're ready to be glued. It took me about 6 passes and another set of eyes to make sure.

Once that was done you get the jig ready. Put the two boards together and pound some nails up against either side. Then you take the wood out, lay a straight edge down on the jig, put a bead of Tite Bond on the edge of the wood and spread it in. I used too much but that's just nerves. I hope to get better as the ball really gets rolling. Then you press the boards together and lay them on the jig with the straight edge under the joint. Once everything's snug pull out the straight edge, wipe off any excess glue and then put some weight on the joint. You're supposed to use 3 big clamps but we couldn't figure out why they were need so we just grabbed anything that weighed a lot and let it sit. I don't know if it's right so we'll see. At worst I just have to use a little steam to take it apart and do the process all over again. It barely took a half hour.
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