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I'm itching to get back to it but in the meantime I'm doing a lot of reading and planning. I need to pick up some hand tools here and there and bring back some things here to work on.

The other day Joey and I were hanging out when I decided it'd be a good time to trace some more templates off my blueprints. Before I did so I talked to my 3 year-old about what I was doing and to my surprise he actually seemed somewhat interested saying things over and over like "you makin' a geeTAR, Daddee?" so I opened up the book I've been studying to show him what I wanted to do every step of the way in full color. Like him unless it's fully illustrated my attention starts to wander. I've read him the little flip book "Daddy and Me" where a dad and his little boy build a doghouse so he knows what tools are and that projects like this have steps so I did something similar as I flipped through the pages of the guitar building book.

With a little fanfare I pulled out my HUGE blueprints and showed him the drawings. I pointed to the ones I was gonna trace and then pointed to what I was going to do with them in the book. I doubt he grasped that but he seemed excited that I was including him in my little project.

OK, so he wasn't actively involved but I had him help me tape a huge freaking sheet of my plans on the front glass storm door to use as a light table to trace an outline on a piece of poster board. After that I cleaned up the lines on the poster board (tracing upright is HARD people!) and we were done.

Now I'm thinking that it might be OK to bring some light work home to do. Nothing too dangerous; sanding and scraping mostly- maybe some filing, planing and chiseling too but I'll save that for when they're in bed because it involves REALLY sharp stuff - at least before it gets cold. I have to work in a pretty tight range of relative humidity and once the furnace kicks on and sucks all the moisture out of the air and the wood will get too brittle and crack.

BTW, I also frequent a few guitar boards one of which is run by and frequented by amateur and professional luthiers. A couple chimed in and told me that they too were once stay at home dads and did a lot of their early stuff with their kids at their sides. One even shared pictures of his 3 year-old daughter helping him build her a ukelele. There were a cute series of pics where he let her do the gluing and then basically let her put stickers on the unfinished wood and then he lacquered right over them, making them part of the guitar's design.

Well, Joey's a pretty bright kid but he's very distractable and he likes to get in other peoples' business like it's nobody's business. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to involve him in something that is similar to what I'm doing. Doing the bracing should be fun. I'm imagining him gluing popsicle sticks on a piece of foam board shaped like a guitar top or something then have him use clothespins as clamps to keep them in place as the glue dries. What do you guys think?
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