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Uh oh - things just got a little complicated. I've just acquired my first table tool. My friend was trying to liquidate some of his stuff (a couple old guitars and some tools and such) but couldn't sell his smaller band saw - so he gave it to me. He didn't include the table guides or even the instructions and also let me know that he couldn't get the blade to stay tight but he told me if I could get it to work it's mine. As if he even wanted it back though.

FYI, it's a Ryobi (cheapo Home Depot brand) 9" band saw that retailed for about $100 but the model appears to have been discontinued. It's probably too small for me to cut out the outline of the soundboard (which is 16"x24"x.125" once it's sanded down to the target thickness) but if I can get it to work it should be good enough to cut some 10"x24"x3/4" boards of birch plywood into molds. I should also be able to use it to cut spruce billets into blanks for the bracing.

But again I'm getting ahead of myself. I am not very mechanically-inclined at all. I've been getting some good advice from some other amateur but more-experienced and professional luthiers though and I'm learning what I've done wrong and what to do the next time I try. For example, I learned that the curve in the middle of the guitar shape was too tight for the blade on my friend's band saw and that I need to do a technique called relief cutting where I cut a series of lines perpendicular to the final line I need to follow so that the blade doesn't bend and bind up in my stock.

I'm looking forward to my next attempt though.
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