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Originally Posted by One-Third View Post
Just caught up on this thread, looks like you are making good progress. I would totally involve Joey to the extent you can - you get the added benefit of doing something that you enjoy as well - only issue might be if he is easily distracted the attention span may wane quickly if he is not interested in what he is doing, so am not really sure what the best "tasks" are that you can both be involved in that will hold that attention...
I have to be a little more careful with Joey around. He has no fear in him whatsoever and I'm worried he's gonna tinker with the band saw. I tried running it while he was in the room and he was just a little too curious so I'm going to start keeping/running it in the garage. That's OK though because it's messy to work with.

That being said, I checked out a new video for Joey to watch and I snuck away to the garage for about 45 minutes (being sure to check on him every now and then of course) so that I could finish all the cuts I need to do with the band saw. Now I just need to do some sanding.
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