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Default My Weight Loss Adventure!

Well I am going to share what I am doing. I have really put on the pounds especially after working third shift at the hospital for a year. So I decided to make some major changes with the encouragement on the wife.

First I switched shifts and went from 3 nights 11:00p-7:30a to 2 days 7:00am-7:30pm (Sat / Sun) only. After a couple weeks I feel two hundred times better.

Second I dropped the Soda. took 13 days to get through it, but I have dropped 2500-3500 calories a week! No alcohol either... I pretty much stopped when I took the 3rd shift with school and the kids. No Soda, Beer... 1 Gallon of water a day!

Third I joined a Weight Loss Challenge for 10 weeks. Weekly weigh ins and scrutiny make it more of a goal. I also started eating better and using the livestrong website with their "MyPlate" app that tracks everything you eat quickly and easily. Tracks calories, protein, fat, sodium, carbs... Pretty cool! oh and I can win $125 netting $70.00

Fourth... I joined the gym at the park district my son has preschool. I drop him off in class and go a block to the gym and have over 2 hours to myself. I am doing cardio and circuit weight training. Will probably also spend time shooting baskets in the full court gym after my workouts! I also take the dogs for a walk at night for just over 2 miles, but T/Th might be limited until I am used to the workouts.

My Dr. has me at 284 now as of last week and the WL Challege has me at 287.2 Goal... 225! I was around 265 when I took the night shift.. Best adult weight was 217 when my middle guy was born. Before my mom passed I was about 240... 7 year slow climb...

I am tracking this on my blog and on Livestrong. Need to keep focused...
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