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Last Christmas I was (5'11") 240 lbs. On tax day (April14 actually) I went on the Ideal Protein Ketogenic diet that my friend used to lse 60 lbs. Lost 55 lbs in 3 months, just like they said i would.

With a two year old and a new born, I knew I would not have time to work out, so I did the Ideal Protein Ketogenic diet and lost more weight while sleeping in bed at night than I did on the mountain bke during the day.

All summer I was reading and gary Tuabes' "Why We Get Fat", which I probably would not have believed except for the fact that i had just lived the experience myself beforehand.

I recomend both.

At 185lbs, I had my best summer in over 10 years. I felt like a teenager on Ecstacy. My mountain bike friends were totally pissed becasuse they coud not keep up any more. I was riding the mountain for 3 and 4 hours at a time, feeling amazing

I was hovering around 187, but since I've been diagnosed with ALS, I'm on a protocol that includes a certain amount of Creatine and AAKG, and my god, I'm ballooning up like Mark McQuire. I'm taking a huge list of supplements and a AAKG/MCT Oil drink mix before any breakfast, then more supplements with the meal, then the same deal all over again at night. Burp.
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