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We did my backyard tri this past Saturday, it was a lot of fun! As I described, it was a quarter-mile swim worth of laps in my pool, and then bike and run through my 'hood.

Several people bailed, so it was only 3 of us adults that did it, but we had about 10 kids do a short version. The bike course had a big hill which we had to hit twice, so that made it challenging as well as for the run afterwards.

It gave me a good idea on what I should focus on over the next few weeks before my 'real' tri.

Other than that, the HM training is going well.

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I've decided to host my own sprint triathlon for a few friends.... A few of us do them casually, so it'll be for fun...just time yourself if you want to know time.

We're going to swim laps in my pool (15 full laps = .25 mile) and then run and bike through my neighborhood. Gonna order medals for everyone, and since we're all different ages everyone will get a 1st place AG (Age Group) medal. lol. Pool party/BBQ for all the families to follow.

I also signed up for a "real" sprint tri in the middle of august. So my backyard one will be a good primer for it.
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