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Originally Posted by Mark B. View Post
I hope my kid enjoys that game I preordered and started this thread about for the next few weeks. The new XBox One will be the new sheriff in town after that.

What might you think an Xbox console, a half dozen games, 2 wireless controllers and 2 wireless (Turtle Beach) head sets might fetch?
You could trade it in to Amazon or Gamestop,979418011

I've done Amazon before, just with games though. Pretty slick and easy. I'd be careful just selling the console on the open market, I've heard of people doing that and the buyer ends up modding the console. Sometimes MS will ban the console and the gamertag associated with it. I've sold consoles before on Craigslist to people I'm almost positive modded it and nothing happened to me, not sure I'd do it again though.

The Amazon one is nice because you can put everything you have into the cart and you'll get a price right away, you get a general Amazon gift card.
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