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Default Weight loss 2015

My wife and I have decided to lose weight together. I bought her one of those wrist bands for Christmas that she has slaved to her iPhone and added a third workout per week and has lost a couple pounds. She had me download an app called "myfitnesspal" which we both have been using to track calories taken in (with the help of the bar code scanner) and calories burned (through the wristband and the iPhone's built in motion sensor) and tracking our weight.

The realization came to me when size 38s got a little snug and I'd get winded too easily. I'm turning 46 this summer so I also need to slow the March of time. I was nearly 40 pounds heavier than when Justin was conceived 12 years ago and feel like 175 is a decent enough goal. I'm not about to go run a marathon or anything but I want to be able to keep up with my kids. Hopefully shedding the pounds will ease the load on my frame and eating (and sleeping) better will reduce the aches and pains and give me more energy.

I've set a modest pace of 2 pounds per week which the app tells me is attainable with a 1500 calorie diet and 10,000 steps per day. My wife has trouble meeting that goal on her off days (a sedentary job will do that) but if I take Justin for a walk, do a modest amount of housework or go to the gym and get on the elliptical for an hour I hit it. It doesn't measure cardio but it still somehow adjusts my caloric intake and when I went to the gym I burned nearly 400 calories while maintaining a target heart rate. The elliptical does track cardio though so I need to take a USB cord next time. Next time I won't celebrate by ordering pizza though. Ugh.

Anyway, too wrap up a post that should just be a progress report, I'm already down about 3 pounds so far. I don't feel much difference yet but I find the numbers reassuring.
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