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Default Water damaged iPhone 5S

You guys know the story: autistic kid loves iPhones. Autistic kid also looooooves water. Putting together should be AWESOME, right?

Yup. It got wet. Actually, it got dunked. In the laundry. During the wash phase so the water was nice and soapy. I admit I was caught off guard and didn't know what had happened until it was too late. Once I heard him reach the top of the steps the running washing machine is 3 steps away.

2 days in rice and my year old white iPhone 5S 16GB is unresponsive. Only when plugged in is there any sign of life. Even then it's just the boot screen. Unplugged? Nothing. I'm assuming the battery and the logic board are both fried. No idea about the camera or speaker but at least the display is intact.

So what's next? There's no insurance on this and I'm only halfway through my 2 year plan. Do I take it to the Apple store and go through the usual song and dance of "sorry, we can't fix it but we can sell you a new one for $600" or should I take it to one of the other "You Break It I Fix It" places?

What say you gents?

Oh and BTW, pls recommend a case. I had an Otterbox Defender on it which protects the phone from being thrown but not being dunked. If the cost of the repair + cost of case < cost of all out replacement + cost of case I call it a win. I'm already paying the price of my wife saying "I told you so" but I got points for confessing.
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