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Default Chili Secrets?

I mentioned that my daughter started 3K last week. It's at a Catholic school, therefore, tuition and a lot of volunteer hours. take care of two of our required 10 (since she only goes 2 half days a week, guess it's more like 50 hours if you're enrolled full time) my wife entered me in the Chili Cookoff for this Sunday. Conveniently occurring during the Packers opener against the Bears I might add. They claim there will be "many TVs" to watch the game. We'll see.

I really like my chili. Usually use ground buffalo, but it's hit or miss if you can find it any given day around here. If it's not available I use ground sirloin. Tomato puree, beef broth, onion, red peppers, jalapenos, garlic, chili powder, cumin, light red kidney beans, and a touch of cinnamon.

While I really like my recipe I'm looking for something to jazz up the flavor a little bit to set it apart. Not necessarily heat, but a bit more bold flavor. I picked up a chili seasoning blend today that I may go half/half with my normal chili powder to see what that does.

Anybody have any other tips/tricks they'd be willing to share?
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