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I'll start with my accomplishments this month:

- finished priming the two story foyer. Now it's all one color and if you squint you can't see my ineptitude with drywall patches. Worse though are the errant roller marks on the ceiling and crown molding.

- I spot patches many dings and chips in the gypsum downstairs. Live and learn: having a palm sander is soooo worth having because hand sanding spackle SUCKS.

- I replaced 5 receptacles in the family room and living room. I still have 3 to go. In my defense my fusebox was not labeled so I have had to shut off the master switch so I don't fry what brain cells I have left.

- I went to Home Depot and got some paint swatches for the living room. The paint had faded over a decade of neglect and the walls were pitted from many items being thrown against them. I decided on an acceptable color - which is not a perfect match but is close enough while also being more vibrant if I do say so myself. I painted one wall but have two yet to go the fourth wall is a comprised of shelving.

- two celluloid cloth window blinds were damaged a long time ago. I bought cordless replacements which were almost literally a snap to install.

- at the wife's request I purchased a new bed/bath doorknob. I opted to purchase one in an antiques brushed bronze color instead of the gold plated finish that are prevalent throughout our home. Not only do I hate the gold, but the finish chips easily - not to mention that Justin bites them when he's angry. I took the golden knob that was installed along with a new solid core door to Justin's room and used it to replace the worn knob in the upstairs hall bathroom I put the new knob on Justin's bedroom door. Hopefully the finish - and the enamel on his teeth - holds up.
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