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I had never been to a Chuck E Cheese before, just heard many of the horror stories. But I'll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. Before you write me off as too much of a loon...Here's my frame of reference. We have a place here called Sir Bounce A-Lot. Just like Chuck's, but add inflatables surrounding the game area. There's also a place in Appleton called Funset Boulevard - a Chuck on steroids. I've been to those places - not much fun chasing kids around either of them. Went to a birthday party at Bounce A-Lot and it was brutal. I'd heard far worse about Cheese's so I was prepared for the worst.

The lunch buffet for me and the kids was $11 total. Bought $10 worth of play credits, which gave us 30 games. So with lunch and games we spent 2.5 hours there for $21 and it wasn't that bad. And we left with two $5 Tootsie Rolls to boot! Either of the other places would have been $45 and we would have been out in an hour because we would have been out of tokens. It could be the day and time we went. Thursday, while school is going on, right when they opened at 11:00. But for something to do on a shitty, snowy, WI day based on my first experience I'd take them back.

On a Saturday, with 5 birthday parties going on?....Well, I'm sure that's why they sell the booze.
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