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I'm trying to get this project back in gear now that the wainscoting thing is nearing completion. Today I sat down at the dining room table (the kitchen table is still too rickety) and cut out little side braces for the body of the guitar:

I had to take the sides out of the mold (or 'mould' if you're using the Queen's English) in order to clamp the braces on but since they're in area that doesn't get much stress I was able to pull the clamps off. This is a little risky because there's really nothing but the properties of the rosewood too keep its shape and I wanted to try and test fit the neck. So I put it back in the mold and broke out my chisel in order to take off a little extra on the tenon on the neck and voila! it slipped in with slight resistance:

I didn't really have to do that at this point since the body should live in the mold so that I can get the top and back on, but once that's done it will have to live in its case in preparation of the annual drop in humidity once the heat kicks on:

So today after I stain the deck I'm going to flip the body over and make notches in the top of the kerfing lining so that my spruce soundboard locks in. Once that's done I'll nearly be ready to "close the box." The plan is to glue on the back first, which will make the assembly into something that luthiers call "the boat."
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