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This has become a zombie thread and my weight loss has been ping pong. I admit, calorie counting was getting tiresome and I wasnít feeling better otherwise. The changes certainly werenít being seen in my energy levels or waistline, so this week Iím dipping my toe in the Paleo diet pool. So far Iíve cut out buns on burgers and chicken breast - opting instead for wrapping the protein with green leaf lettuce and a big slice of tomatoes. No ketchup but Iíve allowed myself mayo. No french fries or potato chips and no ice cream bars either. Iím not eating completely healthy though. So far snacks include Nutella and pretzel sticks and little Dove chocolates (dark chocolate with almond) but I also have grapes and strawberries to distract myself with.

For exercise, Iím sticking with a 3 mile 1 Hour Walk, where I listen to podcasts on my phone for motivation.

So far, here are the numbers over the past week. Iím down from 205 to 201 yesterday and 200.4 this morning. Iím going to refrain on celebrating though. These are numbers only - though Iím looking forward to seeing that ď2__Ē go away and only briefly see ď19_Ē and ď18_Ē before getting to someplace where my pants and wedding ring fit again.

Until then, I still have the roll in the middle and I still wake up feeling tired with sore feet. I need to sleep better, so I have more adjustments to make.
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