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Here's a little update on things:

1: I'm getting the sides ready to accept the top and back. That involves marking where the ends of the braces intersect with the sides and cutting grooves to "lock them together." Since the bracing for the upper bout is what they call an "A" Frame and I have an extension on the neck block to support the portion of the fretboard that extends over the body of the guitar I've had to get creative in order to mark where to cut grooves there. I ended up using charcoal to mark, then use a pull saw to cut on either side down to the desired depth before finally using a 1/4" chisel to rout away the material by hand - as opposed to just using power tools, which I have had a hard time controlling.

I made similar notches made in various places to admit the brace ends, using an exacto knife to notch on either side in similar fashion before doing the pull saw/chisel method. Most came out cleanly,

some did not:

In the end though, the overall fit is secure so that I can dry fit all the pieces and fit them in the case for storage:

Not a moment too soon. With the change of weather the furnace has kicked on and the RH will soon be plummeting. With the pieces in the case, I can keep them properly hydrated and monitor the levels:

BTW, the case is not a "snug" fit even though it appears to be in these photos. That's because there's about 3/4" of extra material that extends beyond the sides. Once everything is glued up I will be chiseling/routing away the excess. Don't worry about the notched for the ends of the braces showing through, though. After that I have to rout/chisel channels to glue decorative/protective body binding to cover/protect that area. THAT is a difficult process that has me nervous.
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