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Default College Football Playoff

First rankings came out last night - 1 and 2 from the SEC (Georgia and Alabama), 3 Independent (Notre Dame), and 4 ACC (Clemson). So you have 3 of the "Power 5" conferences (Big Ten, Big 12, and Pac 10) unrepresented.

I shared my thoughts last year - Go to a 6 team playoff. Winners of the Power 5 and an at large bid. Seed them 1-6. Top 2 ranked get byes. Let's go!

The only path to the playoff for Wisconsin would be going 13-0 with a win over Ohio State or Penn State in the Big Ten Championship game. And even then many are saying it wouldn't be enough to jump a 1 or 2 loss SEC team - or even Oklahoma if they win out. I firmly believe Wisconsin will lose 1 game, probably to Iowa, that will make it a moot point. But it would be ridiculous to exclude an undefeated Big Ten champ. Whoever that may be.
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