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Good luck with the new ride Gduck! I want to go on the record as saying I HATE the keyless fobs that cars come with cars now. My wife has a car with that feature and it looks like the entire industry is going that way. Walk away from a running car that you are warming up at 5:00 AM and the car locks and honks the horn so you wake the neighbors. I always take the spare set of keys on log trips just in case. With the second fob in the car it can be a big PIA. My brother told me a story over the weekend from a few weeks ago. He and his wife were taking their daughter and her friends to the Bronx zoo. He had to run into Manhattan NY for some quick business. When he got to the parking garage he discovered his wife kept the key fob in her purse and was walking around the Bronx Zoo and he was a borough away and could not turn off his engine because if he did it he could not start it. Total shit show. I just don't get keyless starting. I think it is just a nuisance posing as luxury. And if you think losing keys can be expensive you don't want to lose a key fob.
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