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The boy and I went swimming this morning and then out to lunch at a place that's full of regulars, including us....and then tourists. Anyway, we were sitting next to a group of 4 guys on a business lunch and just in front of us was the bar where a couple came in and sat down maybe 5 feet in front of us. When she took off her coat she had the sales tag hanging half way down her back on the shirt she was wearing.

Conundrum!!! The right thing to do is tell the person, but how will she take it? Especially from a dude, which it was just me, my son, and 4 power-lunchers who saw it. How will her husband/boyfriend/whatever take it? You never know? In conversing with the business lunch guys next to us we decided that since I had a 2 year old with me it was probably best that I tell her. I'm the least threatening and she probably won't slap me in front of my kid.

All ended well. She was clearly embarrassed but thanked me for telling her. The husband said, "That's all her fault. I told her this morning that it was there." She ripped it off and he said, " you can't return it!" I said, "I saw that episode of The King of Queens too. Didn't know if that's what was going on?" Everyone had a laugh. All good!
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