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Originally Posted by Mark B. View Post
Doesn't anyone else read around here?!

Just finished Protecting the President by Dan Bongino. As a former Secret Service agent that moved up the ranks to Presidential Protection duty he gave pretty good insight as to the working and short comings of the Department. They are pathetically overworked and understaffed and stuck in a "that's the way we have always done it" cycle that could lead to a disaster.
I am terrible about adding on to this. My goal for this year is to read at least 1 book a month. So far I am ahead of schedule and am averaging 2/month. Hardest part is finding something to read. Here is my list so far this year.

I am currently reading "Red Sparrow'" It is a modern day spy novel that is really good. I saw it was being made into a movie and wanted to check it out- glad I did.

Just finished books 1 and 2 of Ken Follett's Century Triology= "Fall of Giants" and Winter of the World.
There are several key families / characters that he follows through from the turn of the 1900's through the end of WWII. Both are very long reads but were enjoyable.

Grey Mountain by John Grisham. About a hotshot young lawyer who is laid off during financial crisis and is forced to take a furlough and work pro-bono. Ends up in VA coal country. This was a quick read and very entertaining.

Outlander Book 1. I had seen the commercials for this series on Starz and was curious. I was in between books and it was available for check out. It wasn't bad but had a little bit of the romance novel writing written into the historical fiction.

I have started and almost finished The Lost City of the Monkey God. So far it is the only book that I have not finished that I started this year. It is about the search for a lost civilization in Honduras.
Thanks Mark for keeping this thread going-

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