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22 inches of heavy wet stuff!
Mom couldn't make it make it home from Jersey. We lost power. Checking the local news on the phone and F-book for the county and homeschool community. The county is a war zone. Phones poles down everywhere. Trees on fire from the poles, both roads up to Mt Pocono look that TV show " highway thru hell" cars all over the place, trucks jackknifed, looks like they never plowed.
House temp dropped to 50 degrees, but no lower.
Well pressure out because the well pump is electric. We can't camp out at home without running water, can't flush the toilets. Power company says they may get to our neighborhood by Wednesday the 7th. (Another Nor'easter coming 3/7)
National guard called to help. Electric crews from Southeast on their way.
We bugged out, threw out all in the fridge. Wife used to find us a hotel room. Fired up the 4x4, and snuck out on side roads that were down to one lane. Met Mom in Fairfield, NJ. All it did was rain here.
Renters insurance should cover it. We hope.
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