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Originally Posted by Louis View Post
had a hard time with that one. he developed the plot rather slowly. Still not a bad, albeit pedestrian, read though.

Currently going through Jeff Shaara's "To The Last Man" a historical/novel of characters in the first world war. Pershing, Patton, Haig, Petain, Foch, Joffre, Rickenbacker (94th Aero Squaderon), and Richthofen. Follows a nice chronology where you're initially introduced to a british reinforcement infantryman who's developed nicely in the first two chapters but gets mowed down suddenly (point being few groundtroops lasted more than a few months). Later Richthofen gets downed just before Pershing's AEF ramps up and Rickenbacker is just starting out in his flying career. With two of the lead characters now dead the story picks up with two characters in the AEF who are Marines having to switch to army uniforms as the marines colours resemble that of the Germans. Interesting to see how they develop.

Pershing, Joffre and Haig still remain the overall backbone of the story
I'm about 300 pages in to Bag of Bones, and admittedly, not a lot has happened. King has done this with some of his other books, where it takes a long time for the plot to build (Cujo comes to mind), but so far it hasn't been dull.

The Jeff Shaara book sounds interesting. I enjoyed his two American Revolution books.

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