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Hoping to lose a lot of weight as well. I'm shooting for the long run of about 70 pounds. Right now, I would like to be under 270 by the beginning of next year. My initial weigh-in was about 307 three weeks ago, and today I weighed-in at 299. Not bad for me. I have not been under 300 for more than a day or two since the twins were born, so today was a big accomplishment. I've been hovering around 305 to 310 for the last year.

My only change so far is diet. I basically cut out carbohydrates. Paleo/Ketogenic diet, or something like that.

I walk the kids for about 30-40 minutes most mornings and that's about all the exercise that I regularly do.

Hopefully I'll be down another pound or two on my next weigh-in.
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