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I wouldn't get a re-furb. I'd just save up for another month or so. The new ones crap out, a re-furb will fail for sure. If you do go the re-furb route make sure it's from Gamestop or something, not off e-bay. And question them very closely about the warranty...MS warranty's the console for 3 years after purchase for a general hardware failure (3 Red Rings or RROD). I'm not sure how it would work for a refurb from a separate vendor.

If you're not concerned about playing online right away you could get an Arcade system pretty cheaply without a hard drive and get a memory thingie (can't remember what they're called) to put your saved games on. You can get a har drive later if you want to play online although they're not cheap when bought separately.

I check this site pretty often...they list the cheapest places to get 360's online and sale prices for hardware and software.
They also have separate sites for the Wii and Playstation.

Here's the direct link to 360 console deals

Check there before you decide to buy...they always link to reputable sites like and Amazon.

If you have anymore questions let us know.

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