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Originally Posted by Will'sdad View Post
Why is the first answer to your poll "Yes or No"?
For the indecisive Dad?

Well, I've been excluded from mom groups that are women only. And one mom told me she felt bad about not inviting me to a baby shower or something because I was a guy. (oh, bummer. ). I don't see that as discrimination though. If I want a bunch of guys to get together without women, course I would.

I do expect there's discrimination when going back to a regular paying job, valuing the work done (by men or women) as experience. So far that hasn't been an issue for me, I've been doing this about 14 years too and still plan on continuing. And many dads on here have proven it's possible to jump back in, even after a lot of years.

As for under represented, we are a pretty tiny group compared to U.S. population. By my rough figuring, about 1 out of 1000 guys is a SAHD.
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