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Originally Posted by Neodaddy View Post
Throw in my charm, good looks and wit and I'd say I'm one in a million. (Just beating HF to it)

OK, HF, instead of guessing here's a little more with #'s. US population = 312,454,000. By 2010 census, 24% of pop. is under 18. So now at 237,465,040. 49% in 2010 were male (hmmm.) Now at 116,357,870 guys over 18 in US. Latest # I could find on SAHD's in US was 2008, at 140,000 SAHD's. (245,000 in 2006 - ???). So that's 1 out of every 831 adult guys is a SAHD, I was a little off. Says that doesn't include single dads or gays. But also doesn't include dads under 18, definitely some of those here.

On the other hand, 1 out of 100 Adults are in prison in the US. Don't ask me why that matters, just came up in Adult male pop. search, interesting.

As for you Canucks, you'll have to figure that one out.
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