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Originally Posted by Tomcat View Post
Do you recommend the book? I like learning more about that time.

My Great, Great (5 or 6 Generations, whatever that makes it) Grandfather was John Hancock's clerk and worked closely (middle management?) with Paul Revere. After Revere returned from his infamous ride, Great, Great,etc, Grandfather John Lowell grabbed Revere and said "Dude, Hancock's trunk containing all the war documents is still in Buckman's Tavern. If they capture that trunk, we will all surely hang for treason. We've got to go get it".

So Lowell and Revere ran over to Buckman's Tavern and carried the trunk back across Boston Commons as the "Shot Heard 'Round the World" rang out in the background. They hid out with it in the swamps and forest all night as the Red Coats marched by.
I Do recommend this book! So much more perspective than learned in high school. EXAMPLE: Discussions of what was the situation in parliament at the time, power struggles, politics of the times. What was really happennig to the citzens of colonial America? Why weren't the same policies put in place in other colonies? Etc.
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