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Something small like the Bullet is handy since it's a lot easier to clean than a full size blender, though you can make larger batches of baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays for portioning. We thought about it, but ended up mostly buying regular baby food and making a few things, like sweet potatoes, at home.
Late to this discussion, but I have a freezer full of baby food that I'm slowly making my way through, and it was ridiculously simple, really. I bought a bunch of produce at the farmers' market... mostly went at the end of the day, when the vendors are trying to get rid of stuff that didn't sell well.

Got home. Peeled and seeded whatever it was I got. Microwaved small batches of it for a few minutes each, until everything was all squishy. Tossed it in the blender. Poured it into ice cube trays. The next day, put all the ice cubes in a labeled ziploc gallon bag. Done. Really only maybe an hour of work total for months of baby food. And waaaaay cheaper. I paid $5 for pears, and probably have the equivalent of about 25 jars in my freezer.
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