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Kicking this thread out of zombie land. The day after Labor Day I was 210 pounds. On Labor Day we went to a friend's house and ate like pigs. My portion meter is out of control so I had an extra helping of mac and cheese with pepperoni and ate a whole rack of rigs coated in nice sugary BBW sauce.

The day after Labor Day the host had a "mild" heart attach and last Thursday he had a triple bypass. He's 5 years younger than me. My dad died of a heart attack at age 36 and the latest pictures of him he looks bad - and I don't look much different. How's that for motivation?

I won't lie. I've been afraid to go see my doctor. I DON'T want to go on statins. Now more than ever I am firmly entrenched in the belief that medicines can do more harm than cure the symptoms they're prescribed for. I need to change my lifestyle. In a way, I've already started - though it's been at a high cost.

I've been making it a point to drink about 16oz of water as soon as I wake up, not have breakfast with Joey and at least go for a couple mile walk through our hilly neighborhood - not even overdoing it. This week I was down 4 pounds - though I admit I cheated. I downloaded that Whole30 Program and am reading it over.
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