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I hear ya, Mark. There's a lot of other things that need fixing. In fact, I suspect that I'm due for my 100,000 mile overhaul. I don't know if it would be convenient to anyone else's schedules though. I don't exactly have the greatest support system.

Anyway, last night I took a walk after supper. The path I take is only about 2.5 miles so ideally I should do it several times a day but it's up and down hills so it at least gets me to elevate my heart rate and break a sweat. A couple of years ago I would take Justin with me and I lost 5 pounds easily. Even though I don't have my walking buddy anymore I'm still down 4 pounds so far. My scale isn't the most accurate so I will check it 3 times but each time it said 204.8 this morning.

Last year when I counted calories I was down to just under 200. That's my short term goal. I don't want to lose too much too fast because I know that's just water weight which can wreak havoc on your cardiovascular system and your kidneys. There were a couple of times when I went on bike rides that were too long and too far and I actually felt terrible afterwards. I'm not that 140 pound kid anymore who could ride 20 miles on hilly terrain even on a heavy steel framed bike.

No, I need to be more sensible. I need to step it up by drinking more water during the day, cutting out caffeine and make dietary changes by cutting carbs and especially sugars. I need to especially cut out the cereal and potato chips and replace them with some form of low cholesterol source of protein.

I especially think getting better sleep is necessary too. I have consistently been terrible at that because I have trouble turning my head off at night for the worry. I'm convinced that mental health plays into it too.
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