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Yeah I noticed that flaw as well. I was working last night, but that was my LAST weekend OVERNIGHT!!! 4 more nights left! ( Wed, Thur, Wed, Thur)

I will probably be on a little most nights. I prefer relaxing by killing stuff then watching TV.

I noticed that the BOSSES respawn... I killer Bonehead and I was goofing off DRIVING around and ended back at his camp and there he was. So I RAN HIS @$$ over! LOL that was A-W-E-S-O-M-E

The biggest problem I had going to get the mine key was the shear amount of badguys. Between the Skags and the bad guys I actually ran out of ammo. Then if you go back to the ammo vending machines the Skags respawn! I did finally get all the ammo holding upgrades that were like $600 each. Now I need to get the $6000 ones...

If you see me on playing please feel free to hit me up. My son plays it OFFLINE so if you see Borderlands up that is me.
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