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I've given more thought to this recently as well, and I'm not too far ahead of you...Have a 4 and a 1 year old. I would consider a slow transition between being a full time at home parent and heading back to work full time.

I recently took on a part time job, which I love. I know my wife has had a hard time adjusting to the fact that it has to be just her and the kids for several hours, 2-3 times a week. (And I only work 10-15 hours a week) She's never had to do that. For lack of better phrasing, she's always taken for granted that I'm always there - she's always "had help" with the kids. Can't imagine what would happen if I were to go from always being home, to the next day teaching full time as I did before I stayed home and was gone 50+ hours a week. It's been rough enough on her that I'm gone 10-15 hours a week.

I always pictured myself going back to work full time when the kids are both in school. Now I'm not so sure. I might continue working part time, but more hours, when they're at least in their early years of school, so that I can get them off to school and be there to pick them up when school is over. Maybe once they're in those tween years where they can get themselves home from school (which is only a block and a half away) and manage for an hour or two until I get home, I'll go back to work full time. But I guess I feel I have time to figure that out. Of course when I've been out 15 years (which it will be by the time my son is able to be home alone) maybe schools/employers will tell me to "go pound sand, old man," which could happen. Guess I'm not going to stress about it at this point.

And the others are right. If you consider the cost savings of not sending, in my case, 2 kids to day care - then before and after school care, you most certainly are contributing financially. Given the cost savings, and earnings from working part time, my take home is about the same as if I stayed teaching full time. (Actually only had 1 year with no income at all because the 1st 3 years I stayed home I continued to teach online part time). But I was able that whole time to stay home full time with my kids. And the contribution of a kid having a PARENT around at all can't put a dollar amount on that.
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