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I'm glad that I'm not the only one. My wife and I have been discussing me finding some part-time work. We've been struggling ever since the move a couple years ago, and me getting a job would bring in more in the short term than her getting a raise. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing something all that much in the way of flexibility that doesn't have me working at night or all weekend.

My last job was very specialized, did not leave me with certifications or "letters" after my name, and was a source of stress that my wife didn't like, so that's not an option. Besides, most of my job was "problem solving" people and equipment. That's not exactly a search term or job description to use in a resume. So, my options, for the hours that I would have available, seem to be Lowe's and Walmart. I'm not beneath any of it, and the extra $400-500 a month would make a big difference in our budget.

So, we'll see. Their insurance can't be worse than what my wife's company offers.
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