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Default Health & Fitness

I was looking through my old posts in this section and it occurred to me that while the weight loss aspect of my efforts was chasing a number, I've been noticing some secondary side effects. Mostly, it's been that exercise has given me a reason to get away from the house or the computer - or the kitchen - and get outside and do something else.

The numbers seemed to be affected more by the more I went and did that, but what I've noticed more is that by doing yard work or entering a race I was more proud of my accomplishment. Getting on the scale and seeing a smaller number was the cherry on top, as was going to Kohl's to get new clothes and realizing that the clothes in "my size" were beginning to hang on me.

Nowadays the numbers I chase are miles ridden, pace and calories burned. The app I use for bike rides is not all that accurate so I'm thinking maybe I should invest in a Fitbit or a sensor for my bike.

Sadly, I can't seem to get the wife to confirm the benefits yet though...
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