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I can't wait to get back on my bicycle. Little by little I've been taking off the wrapping and splint. I still sleep in it and wear it when I'm out and about, but when I'm not moving around or I need to tend to my hygiene - or even just use the computer or play guitar (to keep in practice) I've been adventuresome. I figure I need a little occupational therapy, that's all.

The only problem is that my arm is still sore, particularly where it has come in contact with the splint or the wrappings around my wrist. I know that's from having the wrapping a little too tight, which is why I take it off but OTOH I also feel that my biceps and triceps and even the muscles in my forearm are not getting the use they need. Whether the bones and ligaments and tendons haven't fully knitted I don't know but the aching of the muscles tell me that I do still need it. At least the bruising and swelling are gone.

FWIW the ortho told me that I should wear the splint another 10-14 days from when I saw him, after that wear the sling for another week. That was 10 days ago. My follow up is October 1st and and I'll be getting another X-ray done.

That being said, I don't know if that means I'll be able to do the 3-2-1 Ride in Pittsburgh on October 14th. I inspected my bike and I think I may have bent one of the rims slightly. The new handlebar grips have an extension and that broke so I know the bike took a jarring. It already needs a new crankshaft because they were having trouble getting the shifting dialed in and friction was fighting me. Now the front derailleur works even more poorly so that instead of 24 speeds I really only have 12 at best.

I was supposed to get a new bike for my birthday in July but what I wanted was to expensive and I ended up with no bike, just new tires and brakes on the van. Hopefully we have a little extra at Christmas for something for the spring. I'm doing my homework and analyzing my riding style and I'm reading a lot about Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes - which as essentially mountain bikes with no suspension for reduced weight, a shorter top tube, drop bars and gearing that's closer to that of a road bike.

Meanwhile, I need to take my old hardtail in to be inspected. The frame looks good and I think it's time to upgrade some components if it needs to be overhauled anyway. It's a "vintage" bike so I can find parts pretty cheap. I still want to try the single track in the local park this spring but it doesn't warrant buying a whole new bike and wasting the money by killing myself in the process. I'm already on Amazon pricing out components - and safety gear. Elbow pads are $44. I've spent 3x that on copays, ace bandages and an elbow brace.
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